A crewed yacht charter is the hire of a complete yacht, with captain and crew, for a specific period of time (usually one or more weeks).

The route of the cruise is subject to agreement between the contracting parties, as are the ports of embarkation and disembarkation. The charter fee does not include the cost of food but does include its preparation and service. You may provide the provisions, or save your energy on a hot day, where we can organize all provisions with the normal full board fee. For families and for friends who wish to join up for a private cruise, the chartering of the entire yacht, including crew, is advantageous in every respect. A cruise aboard one or several of our boats is also the perfect platform for corporate events such as training, team building, seminars, board meetings, conferences and marketing events. We’ll provide only the basics of your voyage’s program and then you’ll be free to settle the rest of the details together with the Captain during the cruise. He will be happy to comply with your wishes, weather permitting.

Please contact us and together we can work on that perfect cruise for you.  See you soon!



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