Frequently Asked Questions - Blue Tour Information

1 - Why choose a Blue Cruise?

In the tourism sector, Blue Cruise offers a real rest, a chance to see still undiscovered places and to get acquainted with the sea, history and nature, to spend time in the full sense of yourself and time in calm surroundings away from big cities.


2 - What method of transport will you use?

* By Air: Bodrum Airport for Bodrum; For Marmaris or Fethiye, it is preferable to fly into Dalaman Airport. Dalaman Airport is only 45 km from Fethiye and 90 km from Marmaris. Turkish Airlines and Pegasus Airlines have daily flights from Istanbul and Ankara to Dalaman Airport. OnurAir flies from Istanbul to Bodrum.

* By Road: Arriving via Dalaman airport you can travel to Fethiye or Marmaris by private transfer, shuttle bus, taxi or car. Those arriving from Antalya can reach Fethiye in 3 hours using the highway via Korkuteli. Our guests coming directly from Istanbul, Afyon, Ankara or Burdur the journey will take approx 7 hours.

* By bus: You can easily reach Bodrum, Marmaris Fethiye or Göcek from Istanbul, Ankara and Izmir by bus after a comfortable journey. By bus, you can reach the average departure place from Istanbul on average 9 hours, 9-10 hours from Ankara and 4-6 hours from Izmir. One warning: you may have trouble finding tickets during high season and Turkish public holidays. Below are the phone numbers of the bus companies.
Kamil Koc
Taksim +90 (212) 252 72 23-24
Kadıköy +90 (216) 349 86 48
Ist / Shipping +90 (212) 658 00 84
Ankara +90 (312 (224 17 00
İzmir +90 (232) 486 34 95

Fethiye +90 (252) 6120266


Taksim +90 (212) 245 29 46
Kadıköy +90 (216) 336 54 13
Ist / Shipping +90 (212) 658 22 31
Izmir +90 (232) 484 08 00
Antalya +90 (242) 247 16 00

Fethiye +90 (252) 6141451



Istanbul +90 (212) 6583232
Ankara +90 (312) 2240012
İzmir +90 (232) 4720222

Fethiye +90 (252) 6141748-6144238


Taksim +90 (212) 252 37 87
Kadıköy +90 (216) 336 93 66
Ist / Shipping + 9 0 (212) 244 12 71
Ankara +90 (312) 286 53 30
İzmir +90 (232) 441 71 50
Samsun +90 (362) 431 61 61
Marmaris +90 (252) 413 02 63

Fethiye +90 (252) 6123737

3 - How do I decide which charter is right for me?

First of all, we need to know some information; Dates and holiday duration, the number of people, budget and even your dreams. The Albatros Yachting Team will provide you with the most suitable boat and program for your dreams. 


4 - How do I rent a charter?

You have to make a reservation by choosing the appropriate payment form and conditions for your chosen boat or program. You can get more detailed information about this from our office.


5 - How can I pay?

For cabin charters, you can pay by credit card, bank transfer and cash. For private boat hire, the payment alternatives are bank transfer or cash payment.


6 - When is the best time to charter?

The Blue Cruise, sailing in Turkey, the season is from April to October. However, the peak period is in July and August. We recommend yacht charter in Turkey in June and September. The weather is a little cooler, the water temperatures are at their highest and the coves are calm. May and October offer you equal sailing, hiking and fishing opportunities on the same boats but at cheaper rental rates.


7 - Can I create my own menu for the chef to prepare?

If you have opted for a private yacht; fill in the shopping list to send to us, at the same time tell us what you are allergic to or what you do not like and our chef will prepare the most appropriate menus.
If you have opted for a cabin charter; please tell us what you are allergic to and we can make changes in our planned daily foods. In our menus, you will find a variety of vegetable and meat dishes from Turkish cuisine, which is one of the world’s most famous cuisines.


8 - Considerations When Choosing a Boat

First of all, it is important to understand that the boat is not new but will be well-maintained. The year of construction is not determined. The price of the boat is proportional to its size and equipment. However, the increase in the size of the craft and the increase in the price you pay is not a guarantee that your satisfaction will increase at the same time. For this reason, please give as much detail as possible to us when you are making your reservation. 


9 - What sports and activities can I do while on tour?

* Water Skiing: You can easily do this activity with ski equipment and a speedboat available on most of our boats.
* Jet Ski: You can enjoy jet skiing on an hourly, daily or weekly basis.
* Surfing: Surfing on most of our boats will make your holiday more enjoyable with being one of the easiest and enjoyable sports.
* Rafting: The rafting and barbecue pleasure in Dalaman Stream is a very pleasant sport that we recommend everyone to try at least once in your life.

* Diving: The opportunity to dive 2 times a day, prices starting from 30 € per person.

* Paragliding: Paragliding opportunity from Mount Babadag in Fethiye, which is considered as the best flight route of the world, with the perfect view of Ölüdeniz.


10 - Things You Must Do:

- First of all, it is bring a camera!  The Aegean and Mediterranean shores, intertwined with history, where thousands of shades of blue and green meet, will make the photo enthusiasts drunk with happiness. 
- Most of the time on the boat will be spent in swimwear. Bring sports shoes, shorts, t-shirts, shirts and trousers for walking on the land, for cool evenings bring a jumper, cardigan or thin jacket depending on the season.

- Do not forget to take your swimwear, sun cream and sunglasses, swimming towels, sandals, hats and special medicines.
- Please do not bring big suitcases, they will not fit in the cabin. Blanket, pique (summer blanket), bedsheet and face towels are provided on the boat.
- Blue Cruise offers a very convenient environment for reading books, so bring some books if you love reading.
- You can play the cassettes and CDs provided on the boat or you can bring your own music to play.


11 - Unwritten rules that must be followed on the deck:  We provide some tips to keep all our passengers entertained.

SHOES: Please do not wear anything on your feet. However, for your personal safety please be careful to avoid injuries from ropes, portholes, rigging cables, floor doors, propellers.
SMOKING: Smoking is not allowed in the cabins because it is very dangerous but allowed on the deck. For fire prevention, please do not lock your cab doors. You can hand in your valuables to the captain (he will give you a receipt for the items) 
ON THE DECK: Pay attention to all items on deck because the wind can sometimes be very strong. The crew cannot be held responsible for anything flying overboard from the deck. Adhere to your captain’s rules and decisions about travel, weather, wind, anchorage, and sit in a safe place while the crew is busy with the navigation of the boat.
HOT WATER: Water may be heated by the engine of the craft or by a gas heater. On boats that are heated by the engine, the water heats up immediately after starting the engine and remains warm for a long time. If the boat is using the gas water heating system, when you notify the crew, they start the system and the water gets hot.
TOILET PAPER: Please dispose of your toilet paper in the toilet’s rubbish bins otherwise the narrow pipes and filter system will become blocked. Rubbish bins will be emptied daily by the crew.
MEALS: All meals will be served on the rear deck. Depending on the timeline, meal times may change but the captain will notify you.

DRINKS:  Please do not bring alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages from outside the boat for cabin rentals. You can get all these beverages from the bar onboard. Speak to the captain of the craft about any beverages they may not have onboard. There is a list of beverages on our boats where you can find drinks for the whole week. At the end of the tour, you can pay the amount calculated according to this list in cash to the captain of the craft.

LIGHTS: If you are not in your cabin, please turn off the lights, so that the battery of the boat will be protected and the mosquitoes will not enter your cabin.

PORTHOLES: Keep the portholes closed in your cab while the boat is moving, this will prevent your beds and things from getting wet.
WATER SPORTS: Please be in the field of vision of the craft or tell someone where you are going so that it is easy for you to get help if you face difficulty.
DIVING and JUMPING: Do not dive or jump from the boat while the engine is running. The captain may maneuver and may not see you. For your own safety please wait until the engine stops and the swimming ladder is lowered. Do not climb the poles or jump on the poles.
RUBBER BOAT: Each boat has a rubber boat. This boat can only be used by a crewman for safety or rescue purposes.
LIFE JACKETS: You will find life jackets in your cabin for your safety.
TIPS: Tipping crew at the end of the trip is a tradition in the yachting world. If you are happy with the service you receive, you can tip the captain. This money will be shared equally among the crew.
After all, we want you to enjoy the journey as much as possible, so do not hesitate to talk to the captain if you have any questions, problems or requests about the yacht. Due to unforeseen reasons, your trip plan may change at short notice, remember that the captain’s decision is binding in all matters.


Now, just sit back and while the crew sets sail, Bon Voyage! 



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