A catamaran is a yacht or other boat with two parallel hulls of equal size. The word catamaran came from the early 17th century tamil kattumaram literally meaning ’tied wood’. Generally, they are the same length as one case yachts or monohull sailboats but they have twice the livable space. Stability comes from the crossbeams rather than a ballasted keel. The staterooms or cabins are located in the hulls, the deckhouse and bridge deck are used as the lounge and galley (kitchen) as well as for navigation. Occasionally the catamarans will have another level known as the flybridge.  The benefits of a catamaran yacht charter in Turkey are that they are more relaxing on board with a lot of individual living space, the do not yaw (twist or oscillate about a verticle axis), they are easier to sail as they lay like a raft on the water and catamarans can be anchored in most bays as they can get closer to the shore due to their low draft.


Catamarans are ideal for sailing holidays in Turkey along the turquoise coast. If you are looking for a romantic honeymoon holiday or an adventure filled holiday with family or friends a catamaran is a perfect choice.  Available to rent with or without a captain. Contact Albatros Yachting for your catamaran Turkey yacht charter.






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