Sailing Yacht Rental with a Captain


Sailing in Turkey often means sailing through history! Turkey is mentioned by several experts, as one of the places you should see on your sailing experience as this part of the world is surrounded by history.


One of the best options to see some of the historical places present in this part of the world, you should opt for a gulet charter in Turkey. These gulet cruises can be hired from the major ports such as Fethiye, Marmaris, Bodrum, Kas, Kalkan, Istanbul and the Greek Islands.  This is also a good reason why yacht charter in Turkey and Greek Islands has become a great choice for tourists coming here to explore the rich culture and history that Turkey has preserved for years. If you are looking for an exotic and warm place to spend your holiday, then Turkey and the Greek Islands are the right places for you. These places can really light up your imagination and can offer you a great travelling experience that you will remember for the rest of your life.

Gulet cruises and the private yacht charter in Turkey makes travelling between some of the historical places you can see easy. Sailing in Turkey with the help of these private yacht charters can really offer you the most comfortable way of travelling. This is another reason why many people who travel to the Greek Islands or Turkey now prefer to opt for a yacht or gulet holiday.

While sailing in Turkey take a ferry to the Greek Islands of Rhodes, Meis or Kos for a different experience. There are a number of elements that makes Turkey great for tourists.  Turkey is where Asian and European cultures merge, making it somewhere you should visit at least once in your lifetime. The locals in this part of the world are known for their warm hospitality which has been flowing since their nomadic ancestry. They respect the strangers visiting their country. Due to this, Turkey is also considered a safe place for tourists. It is possible to get flights to Turkey from the major cities in the world. Rent a sailing yacht or catamaran for a different way of experiencing the sights, sounds and cultures Turkey has to offer. Check out our website for the most comfortable private sailing yacht charter in Turkey and catamaran yacht charter in Turkey

If you like sunshine, the smell of sea air, water sports, Mediterranean cuisine as well as a chance of visiting some important historical locations, you must set your sites on Turkey. Here you may explore civilisation’s best crossroads, choose from various sailing choices. You do not need to be a sailor in order to enjoy a sailing holiday in Turkey at sea. The popular choice for tourists in Turkey is hiring a crewed yacht. On a crewed yacht, the professional crew generally takes complete care of all boating needs so that you may turn your attention to soaking in sun, snorkeling, visiting quaint villages, historical locations as well as enjoying dishes that are made by the onboard chef.

Kaptanlı Yelkenli Kiralama

In recent years, it has become increasingly popular to rent a sailing yacht with a captain and therefore, increasing the freedom of the open seas to a wider range of holidaymakers. Following this interest in the sea, the number of boats being available for rental is increasing in Turkey and also in many other countries. Sailing boats are not costly to rent and combine your holiday with learning to sail. Sailing yachts are lightweight as they are made from fibre. You can learn to sail following a short course, please contact us if you are interested in sailing courses. An amateur captains license is required to rent a sailing yacht, alternatively, rent a sailing yacht with a captain to sail you to your desired destinations.

Do not be afraid if you have no experience sailing a yacht!


Our yacht fleet is divided into two; monohull and catamaran. Sailing yachts range in size from 39ft to 55ft and catamarans range from 38ft to 62ft. Our sailing yacht captains are very experienced and some may speak a small amount of a second language. You and your family or friends can experience the freedom of sailing in Turkey from Bodrum, Marmaris, Fethiye or Gocek along various different routes by renting a sailing yacht with or without a captain. We have a range of sailing yachts to suit all budgets.



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