Everyone loves to relax with their families and loved ones. However, nowadays it is difficult to get the opportunity to find time with the stresses of daily life and fast-paced working environment. Everyone knows that the sea has a relaxing effect on people, from the sound of the waves to the feeling of getting away from it all on a secluded beach. Boat tours are ideal for travellers who wish to visit different places and wake up in a different bay every morning. Let yourself unwind reading a book and enjoying being at one with nature.


Motoryacht charter in TurkeyMotor yachts are preferred by a wide range of guests who wish to travel longer distances and can, therefore, see more destinations. Motor yachts are often used by businessmen for welcoming and entertaining new guests and business contacts. They are ideal for short-term rentals such as weekend breaks or weekly holidays.


Why should I rent a Motoryacht?

There are always great deals to be found for blue cruise yacht holidays in Turkey and the Greek Islands. Motor yachts are perfect for people who require a more luxurious boat or who do not have too much holiday time and still wish to explore different destinations in a short period of time. Due to their high engine power, motor yachts can travel at speeds up to 25 or 30 miles per hour, therefore making it possible to travel long distances in a shorter time. Visit the Greek Islands during your sailing holidays in Turkey.


Motoryacht for rent in Turkey

Rent a private motor yacht for yourself along with your family or friends and explore the turquoise coast. There are so many different bays and coves to discover you will not see the same place twice. By renting a private motor yacht you can design your own itinerary and spend as much or a little time as you wish in the different places you will visit along your route. We have motor yachts in our fleet to suit all budgets and routes. The prices are more favourable at the start of the season in May. Prices are at their highest during June, July and August, peak season, however, due to the early booking discounts available you can still have an affordable private motor yacht charter in Turkey even in the high season. The season is coming to an end in September and October and you can see a reduction in the rental prices. September is a good month for a blue cruise yacht holidays in Turkey as the weather is still hot without being unbearable and the sea is warm. Contact Albatros Yachting for more information regarding our motor yachts and our Turkey yacht charter options.


Rental motor yachts Prices

Prices for rent motor yachts vary according to the size of the yacht, the year of construction, the number of cabins and the boat characteristics. As an average, 3 cabin motor yachts can be in the range of 1500-2000 euros, 4 and above the motor yachts can be in the range of 2500-6000 euros. Motor yacht prices vary according to the length of the rental period and the route you wish to take. Please contact us with your departure port, route, number of people and budget and we will find a suitable motor yacht for your sailing holidays in Turkey. 

Please note that motor yacht prices do not include fuel, unlike the gulet rental prices. Each motor yacht has different engine power and therefore the fuel consumption is different. Our guests are informed about the number of liters per hour that our motor yacht burns and how many hours we are driving on each route.


Motoryacht Guide

A motor yacht can appear to be an expensive choice for a blue cruise in Turkey compared to other types of boats and yachts available for rent and therefore people assume that only the very rich can rent motor yachts. However, motor yachts offer luxury and exclusivity that cannot be found on other types of yachts. In recent years Turkey has started to produce motor yachts at affordable rates. We are able to offer the rental of motor yachts covering a wide range of budgets. Our motor yachts are available for rent from Bodrum, Marmaris, Fethiye or Gocek. If you wish to cruise around the Greek Islands please let us know your islands of choice and we can find a motor yacht available from the nearest Turkish coastal port.

If you wish to pack a lot of action and sightseeing into a short period of time, a motor yacht is definitely the right option. 












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