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Bozburun is a village located on the Bozburun peninsula between Marmaris and Datca. Despite being close to Marmaris it still mainly unspoilt and is ideal for those looking for a slower pace. In recent years the Bozburun peninsula has become one of the preferred routes for a yacht charter in Turkey. A sailors dream there are many picturesque harbours and coves only accessible by boat. The Greek Island of Symi is a short distance away.

Bozburun has many small shipyards and workshops as the handmade gulet yachts are crafted here. In October every year, there is a Gulet Festival. Why not time your sailing holidays in Turkey with the gulet festival? It is also well known for fresh seafood and organic village life. In 2013 the Carian Trail, a 500 mile long walking trail opened. The trail winds through the peninsula and is well signposted and marked so that you do not get lost. 


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Although the area is not touristy it does not mean that there is nothing to do or see. Bozburun is a small town with approx 2000 inhabitants and is a good base for exploring the surrounding area. At the end of the peninsula, Taslica Village and the ancient cities of Thyssanos, Syrna, Phoenix, Tymnos, Kasara and Amos are among the sites worth visiting. 

Just 5 minutes outside of Bozburun is Kiz Kumu or Maiden’s Beach, Orhaniye. There are so many myths told about this reddish sand spit going from the shore into the sea. There is a belief that; the wishes of who walks on this sand may become true. Also according to legend a beautiful princess, daughter of King Bybassos, goes to the sea to escape the pirates. As she could not swim she filled her skirt with sand and tried to pass the cove. When it got dark she lost her way, ran out of sand and drowned. The beach is named after her Kiz Kumu meaning maiden’s sand. At Bayir Village, approx 19 km from Bozburun, is a 2000 year old plane tree located near the mosque in the village square. According to local rumour if you walk around the tree three times it lengthens your life. On a hot summers day enjoy a swim in the pools of Turgut waterfalls approx 30 mins drive from Bozburun. Not far from the town is Cleopatra Island. According to legend, the sand at Cleopatra’s Island was imported from Egypt by Marc Anthony, Cleopatra’s lover.



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