Dalış Turu

Kabin Kiralama Dalış Turu, Fet-Kalkan-Kaş-Fet, 8 gün/7 gece - Albatros
Gün Sayısı7 Gün 6 Gece
Çıkış LimanıFethiye
Çıkış GünleriCumartesi
  • Nisan450 €
  • Mayıs480 €
  • Haziran480 €
  • Temmuz599 €
  • Ağustos599 €
  • Eylül599 €
  • Ekim480 €

Dalış Turları (Fethiye-Ölüdeniz-Kalkan-Kaş)

Özellikle son yıllarda herkesin gözdesi haline gelen Dalış turlarına profesyonel ve amatörler yoğun ilgi göstermektedir. Haftalık olarak düzenlenen bu dalış turunda hem farklı destinasyonlarda dalma imkanınız bulunmakta hemde eğlenceli bir mavi tur yapıp farklı bir deneyim sunmaktadır.

Diving Cruises

Our week long diving cruises start on Saturdays. We guarantee a minimum of 14 dives (incl. two night dives). Your cylinders, air refills, weight belt and weights are included in the price, along with your breakfasts, lunches, afternoon teas, evening meals and accommodation. All cabins (three twin and four double) are ensuite.


All other diving equipment is available for hire. See Hire of Equipment, below.

April – May £420   or   €480
June – September £520   or   €595
October £420   or   €480


Blue Cruises (for non-divers)

These cruises are designed for non-divers and guests not wishing to dive yet still wanting to enjoy the sun, sea and land visits. Prices include accommodation, meals, and transport to land visits.

April – May £350   or   €420
June – September £400   or   €500
October £350   or   €420


Walking Cruises

These cruises are for those who would like to mix the pleasures of the land and the sea. Cruise to places of interest and walk to visit historic and scenic sites. Price includes accommodation, meals, and transport to land and guides.

April – May £395   or   €470
June – September not available
October £395   or   €470


Group Bookings

The whole boat can be booked for groups up to a maximum of 14 guests. Prices are:

April – May £4900   or   €5800
June – September £6500   or   €7500
October £4900   or   €5800


Hire of Equipment

Any loss of or damage to equipment must be paid for.


Wet Suits daily hire £9 or   €10

weekly hire   £27 or   €32
Regulator daily hire £9 or   €10

weekly hire £27 or   €32
BCD daily hire £9 or   €10

weekly hire £27 or   €32
Torch daily hire £5 or   €6
(including batteries) weekly hire £20 or   €24
Full Equipment weekly hire £65 or   €78
(wet suit, regulator, bcd)


Any two items weekly hire £45 or   €54
Masks, Fins and Snorkle
£15 or   €18
(half an hour or the duration of a dive)




Diving Courses


Discover Scuba ---- £35  or  €42
Make a visit to the underwater world by taking the opportunity of a one-day introduction to scuba diving. 
Use of equipment included.

Open Water Diver ---- £250  or  €300
Five days of diving and theory lessons will qualify you to dive up to 18m anywhere in the world. 
Use of equipment included.

Adventures in Diving ---- £150  or  €180
Three days in which you will increase your diving knowledge and experience. Five dives: two of which will be navigation and deep dives. The others are of your choice – multi-level, night, boat, search and recovery to name but a few. 
Equipment available for hire.

Medic First Aid ---- £135  or  €160
A most important one-day course in which you learn how to deal with emergencies, administer first aid, and recognize diving related illnesses.

Rescue Diver ---- £180  or  €215
These two days will equip you with the knowledge and skills torecognise problems, prevent problems occurring, and perform rescues. 
Equipment available for hire.



Cruises leave from Fethiye Harbour at noon on Saturdays and return to Fethiye the following Friday in the morning. Hotel bookings are available, should you wish to extend your holiday on land.

Guests are recommended to arrive late Friday evening or early Saturday morning. The nearest airport is at Dalaman. Transfers from and to the airport are not included.

Land visits are made during cruises to harbours of neighbouring towns, and to historical sites.

Various excursions are available for Friday afternoons: Saklikent Canyon; Tlos (the home of Pegasus); Kaya Köy (the ghost village); Scooter safari; Fethiye stray dogs and cats home.



  • Dives, dive guide, air fills and weights.
  • Accommodation, linen and towels.
  • Breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea, evening meal and mineral water.
  • Transport to and from land visits.
  • Windsurfing, masks, snorkels and fins for non-divers.
  • Harbour and diving fees.



  • Flights. Insurance. Visa fees (£10 per British citizen payable at the airport).
  • Transfers to and from the airports.
  • Diving equipment (unless taking the open watercourse).
  • Donut rides DPV and water-skiing.
  • Entry fees to museums.



  • Informal comfortable clothing for onboard.

  • A sun hat and lightweight long sleeved shirt are recommended.

  • Comfortable shoes for walking in. Early and late season a jumper or polartec.

  • Diving equipment, swimming costumes and a beach towel for on deck or the beach.

  • Sterling cash.

  • A two pin plug adapter for your electrical appliances. The voltage is 220 volts AC on board and on land. 

There is diving equipment available for hire on board.

Dalış Turları ve Dalış kurları için bizimle irtibata geçin lütfen...

eliz koç   izmir
mavir turda çok güzel koylarda durduk çok güzel yerlerde dalış yaptık seneye görüşmek üzeri
receb aban   istanbul
Bu yaz Fethiye Marmaris Fethiye dalış turuna katıldık, herşey çok güzeldi bu yüzden albatros yatçılık ailesine çok teşekkür ederiz.
Lucy   UK
The perfect way to combine two things we love - diving and sailing in Turkey with other people who have similar interests. We hope to do another diving cruise cabin charter in Turkey next year.

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