Yacht Charter in Fethiye


Today, travelling and tourism industries are becoming more famous and popular in the world. European countries are getting a major share of tourism development. These countries are looking forward to setting an example for the tourists as set by Turkey. Turkey is one of the most famous and attractive countries for people who love architecture, ancient civilisation, history, arts and scenery. On the other hand, present-day Turkey is famous for natural places and points.

With the passage of time, Turkey has developed the travelling and tourism facilities for people. It has great value for the sailing and boating industries. People who like to plan sailing tours and journeys prefer the areas of Turkey. Following destinations are very famous for sailing purposes in Turkey.

· Gocek.

· Marmaris.

· Dalaman.

· Fethiye.

Fethiye mavi turWhy is Fethiye best for Yachting?

Gulf of Fethiye that is also known as “Fethiye” is a paradise for the yachtsman. The gulf is famous for the several anchorages, islands and coves with crystal clear water. The gulf also provides protected coves for people who like a serene night on anchor. The bay of Fethiye is known for the calm days and nights. There are anchorages with the names as given below.

· Four Fathom Bay.

· The Ruin Bay.

· The Wall Bay.

· Tomb Bay.

· Lycian civilization.

All these things attract the tourists towards yacht charter in Fethiye. Start your Turkey yacht charter from the bay of Fethiye or famous Göcek, both the destinations present at an easy distance from the international airport of Dalaman.

 The town of Fethiye is an attractive spot for the national and international tourists because of the waterfront boulevard, shopping malls and numerous restaurants





. Göcek is the main yachting centre but Fethiye is taking its place with the passage of time.

The white sands, green coastal borders and crystal clear water allow the tourists to start yachting in a pleasant mood towards the coves. You can enjoy the gulet cruise services in Fethiye. It is no longer difficult for tourists to find affordable rates and prices for enjoyment.

Spend seven days of glory in Fethiye:

Fethiye is an international site for boating and sailing. The cruise companies and services are providing different travelling packages and deals. The tourists are recommended to follow the given schedule in order to enjoy the beauty and attraction of this paradise island.

DAY 1: The tourists have to visit Ece Marina, Fethiye. Valuable restaurants, hotels and shopping malls are present in Ece Marina.

DAY 2: Visit the Boynuz Bükü a protected bay famous for the waterfalls and romantic dinners.

DAY 3: Karacaören is a famous and pleasant anchorage. Tourists can visit this place for a romantic dinner with their life partners.

DAY 4: Kapi Creek is a bay. The travellers can enjoy their time in Gemiler Island and beach of Olü Deniz before visiting Kapi Creek.

DAY 5: Göcek is famous for the marinas. Enjoy lunch and swimming in this area.

DAY 6: The famous Twenty Two Fathom Bay is close to Peksimet Island. This site is very attractive because of the Dolphin shows.

DAY 7: It is time to come back Fethiye after completing the round tour.

How to arrange this tour?

It is an important question because most of the tourists visiting Fethiye first time face troubles in this matter. There are sailing companies providing private yacht charter TurkeyThis service is enough for the people who like to see the paradise view of Fethiye.

Hiring a yacht charter is not a difficult matter. All you have to do is use the travel guides available online. On the other hand, sailboat charter services should also be searched in order to choose the best one.

Would you like ferries?

It is an amazing chance to have ferry rides in Fethiye. Most of the sailing companies are engaged in this service. Several packages and deals have been developed and introduced for travellers and tourists. The ferry services are available towards Greece, Rhodes and Kos. The travellers can choose the following services for their enjoyment.

· Ferry to Greece.

· Ferry to Rhodes.

· Ferry to Kos.

All these services start from the main harbour in Fethiye. The travelling packages and deals differ because of travelling destinations and prices. Different tour packages offer travelling towards different directions. It will be better if you choose the above mentioned seven-day cruise tour package in order to enjoy the beauty of Fethiye bay and gulf.

Let’s take a  ferry to Greece:

The travellers are recommended to hire ferry services after searching for the best Yacht and gulet company. There will be plenty of options available to you for the selection of ferry tours. Greece is the best travelling destination for the people who like to make the time a real enjoyment part of life.


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