Although gulets may look similar they may have huge price differences between them. There are 3 categories of gulets namely; Standard, Deluxe, and Luxury. Here are some of the things that help distinguish the price of a gulet:

1- The crew on board a gulet can define your trip. An excellent crew on board can make your cruise much more enjoyable. A more experienced and knowledgeable captain knows how to sail and all the best places to stop at and this can absolutely make your cruising experience fantastic.

2- A gulet in fine and properly maintained condition will surely command a higher charter price than a gulet in average condition.

3-  The more services that are available on a gulet, the more expensive it will become. For example, Gulets that offer waterboarding equipment, Jacuzzi services, fully furnished bar and salon, etc. will generally attract a hefty price tag.



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