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The stress of living in big cities, the stress and tiredness that we have created in our busy lives ... Undoubtedly, the best way of getting away from accumulated stress and fatigue all over the year is undoubtedly a sea holiday. We are among the gates of a different world with the peace that the vast stretches of water that we can not take our eyes with the most beautiful of the Mavin. As we watch the sunset, we fall in the reflections of the moonlight in the sea. The peaceful voices and serenity of the waves, the shining waters shining under the sunlight, the warm warmth of the waves, the waves intermingling with the wind continue us to another world.


There are many types of sailboats in use. Thanks to the sailboats preferred by blue cruise passengers, maritime experiences are being developed and different experiences are enjoyed. Below you will find different types of sailboats.

2-cabin sailboat

3-cabin sailboat

4-cabin sailboat

5-cabin sailboat

Sailboats used in sailing boats that differ in terms of their boats can show differences in sails. Different sails are preferred depending on the purpose of use. There are single-masted and double-masted sails.

Why should I rent a sailboat?

Albatros Yachting sailboats perform the blue cruise tourism in the Mediterranean and Aegean seas. Guests can enjoy a dreamy holiday with sailing boats that can safely travel in the Mediterranean waters. Guests make blue voyages by renting sailboats and renting cabins on sailboats in different types of the catamaran and bareboat types and making groups like blue voyages.

According to the type of sailboat, there are a different number of cabins according to their size and there are sailboats with 2, 3, 4, 5 cabins. Sailing boats The guests on the blue tour are having a good time by sunbathing, sleeping, reading books, chatting on the deck of the craft. The cabin has a bed, shower, WC and air conditioning. Guests who want in the Mediterranean nights sleep on the deck under the stars, guests who want to sleep in the air-conditioned cabins.

How do I rent a sailboat?

Guests who rent out sailing boats to make a blue tour will make reservations in advance, and they will determine the route they will travel with the sailboat, the island and the coil to be visited, and the ports to be accommodated. When guests rent a sailing boat, they prefer different routes to visit. Guests can also visit the nearby Greek Islands if they wish. The crew can also be provided on leased sailboats if desired. Guests travelling with sailing boats will be able to buy Mediterranean vegetables, fruits and seafood in the boat before the tour. There are enough beverages and cold beverage cabinets. Guests who rent a sailboat are able to take all the stress out of their bosom when travelling in the blue.






Yacht Charter Process

How do I rent a charter?

It is important to do research on a yacht or gulet. Seek advice and information during any booking process...

What is an early booking discount and how do I book?

Know your budget, know your preferences, and know your gulet before making a reservation...



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