Rules to Be Considered on the Boat


On board, gulets have certain rules that must be honoured for the safety of the guests and crew. You can smoke on gulets, but no smoking is allowed in the cabins. If you are planning to do some serious partying, the gulet is not the most suitable place for it. You may consider that kind of partying in places like nightclubs or discos, where you will be able to find once the gulet is docked at a harbour. Overdrinking may lead all sorts of accidents on board. Therefore, it is best to be safe than sorry and keep within reasonable limitations of partying on board. There might be times that it would be unfavourable for the gulet to leave the harbour, due to weather conditions. At those times the captain will inform you and may change the schedule according to the existing conditions. This type of precautionary measures could prevent seasickness and other unfortunate casualties. After all, Mother Nature cannot be controlled. 

Albatros Yachting Onboard rules

  1. Please do not wear shoes on board.
  2. Please use the water sparingly.
  3. Please switch off the lights when not in use.
  4. Please turn off the air conditioning when you are not using it.
  5. Please do not use your cabin bath towels on the deck or on the shore.
  6. Please do not smoke in the cabins.
  7. Please do not throw anything overboard.
  8. Please do not swim before the engine stops or under the influence of alcohol.
  9. Only flush natural waste down the toilet, please put toilet papers in the bin.
  10. Life jackets are in cabins only for emergency use.
  11. Please show consideration to others by keeping the noise level down at night.
  12. Please be careful when the deck is wet.
  13. …and most of all, enjoy the breathtaking scenery, beautiful blue waters of the sea, fabulous weather, and have a great time!


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