Without a crew, there cannot be a gulet cruise. The crew is the most important part of the cruise. Other than all the other features of a gulet holiday, the crew is the most valuable part of it. They are on board around the clock with the sole purpose of giving service to their guests. A luxury or VIP gulet is not worth much without the right crew. Depending on the size and type of the gullet, as well as the number of guests; the number of crew members start from 2 and can go up to an average of 4, 5 or more on much larger gulets. One of the best parts of the gulet charter is that you are not required to clean your cabins, change your linen, cook your meals, wash your dishes, or navigate the gulet. The crew takes care of all these services for you on board so that all you have to think about is living it up on your private gulet charter. 

All gulet charters have a captain (skipper). The captain holds the highest authority and is responsible for everyone on the gulet. He/she has the authority to decide for the safety and emergency. When you plan your itinerary, the best person to ask is the captain. He/she will know every cove, bay, and secret places to see, and offer the most suitable advice for your charter. 

The chef holds a category on his/her own. For some guests, he/she is one of the most favoured people on the gulet. The chefs are the ones who prepare all tasty and delicious dishes and have been known to leave a very memorable impression on the guests. 

The responsibility of the waiter is to serve your meals, wash the dishes and sometimes clean the cabins when there are no hostesses among the crew. The waiters are also full of useful information. If you have any questions about the gulet charter or the program, you may always ask the waiter. They can be considered somewhat of a tour guide on these gulet charters. 

This sailor supervises the waiters, hostesses, and the chef. The sailor is the captain’s primary assistant. 

A hostess is not always on board and a part of the crew with gulets less than luxury class. The responsibility of the hostess is to clean the cabins and change the linen; serve drinks, as well as to clean the deck and saloon areas of the gulet. The crew and all members of the crew are quite valuable and shouldn’t be underestimated. When guests retake the gulet cruise, they generally ask for a gulet charter based on the crew they wish to see again.


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