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Ask 10 people why they got into yachting and you’ll hear 11 different answers. Gone are the days where a backpacker could hop onto a boat as a deckhand or stewardess, spend a few weeks sailing the Greek islands or the Mediterranean and hop off with a lifetime of memories. 

The Yachting industry has evolved, some say for the better and others for the worse. Whichever view you take, it is indisputable that the professionalism required from entry-level crew to those at the top of the ladder has increased dramatically in the super, mega and more recently giga yacht era. STCW, ISM, ISPS, SMS, and more recently MLC2006, has seen to it that we are now regarded as professional crew and held to the same (or similar) standards as our colleagues in the merchant and commercial industry. We are seen and are expected to act as professionals and anyone that has spent the time and made the effort to progress to higher positions within the business knows that it takes sacrifice and compromise. 

Ask any crew member about the time they have spent on board luxury yachts and notice what happens. In almost all cases, the response is as follows: a distinct glimmer in their eye rapidly followed by a smile and no doubt a tale or two.

At Albatros Yachting we promise to provide you with luxury, ease and an unforgettable time on the sea. 


Yacht Charter Process

How do I rent a charter?

It is important to do research on a yacht or gulet. Seek advice and information during any booking process...

What is an early booking discount and how do I book?

Know your budget, know your preferences, and know your gulet before making a reservation...



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