Close your eyes and imagine sailing on a boat in a blue sea of peace and happiness ...

The best way to travel to paradise is on a blue voyage. Hiring a boat is easy, a boat is a stylish and comfortable way to holiday and see the fantastic bays of Turkey and Greek Islands. 

The best 10 coves and routes can be pre-selected by our experienced captains or by guests themselves. 

In our professional opinions the top 10 bays are as follows:


When you set sail away from Bodrum it is very likely that you Cokertme Bay might be your first-night stop if you are heading down into the Gulf of Gokova from Turgutreis. The mix of olive trees and pine trees is a beautiful sight against the blue sea surrounding. This bay is just the right amount of secluded that many boats will anchor down here for protection from the weather and winds. Following down the beautiful sandy coastline is plenty of rooms to sit back and unwind. There is a small hamlet with a few restaurants you can take a break in over some tea or a cold beer. Perhaps watch how the locals weave their fabulous carpets!  You might get enticed to buy one of them as a memento of your time in Turkey. Watch the sunset as you promenade down the shoreline. Towards the night-time takes a chance and goes delight in some fresh seafood at the waterfront restaurant.


On the Bozburun Peninsula, accommodation is mainly small boutique hotels and self-catering. Visitors will find a slow-paced, largely unspoiled place of majestic wooded mountains and villages on miles of rugged coast, but with plenty of chances to swim.  A favourite waterfront restaurant is the Mermaid at Saranda on the north coast, where you can sit all afternoon in the shade reading and watching the boats tie up. Then a drink in a cafe over-arched by a 2,000- year-old plane tree in the mountain village of Bayir. 


Bozukkale is a large bay, lying between points; Kale Burnu and Değirmen Burnu, It indents to the north. The walls of the ancient city of Loryma surround the port. The castle walls cannot easily be identified from a distance because they blend into the rocky cape. A rock at the entry extends from the point. The bay indents in an NW direction for about 0.8 M. There are considerable depths in the middle. The bight on the east is the best place to be tucked up. Drop anchor in 8-12 m and get a line ashore. The bottom is sand-weed. The winds blow from the valley behind and send swell in. There are three restaurants in the bay. You can go and pick up laid moorings tailed to the piers. You can moor if you are taking a meal at the restaurants. These restaurants provide food with the limited setup. Fish menu is advised. They produce their own electricity and they bake bread in the morning. The water is cool and so clean. A rough path goes up to the castle and it is worth making the hike for the view in the early morning or late afternoons. The impressive defensive walls are cubic chipped stone blocks without mortar. The castle position almost directly opposite the ancient Greek city of Rhodes lends support to a theory that it was built by Rhodian craftsmen trying to deny the harbourage to enemy fleets.


Serce Cove is about 24 miles SW of Marmaris on the way to sail to the north, to Datca or Bodrum. It is opposite of Rhodes Island, on the south coast of Bozburun Peninsula. If sufficient attention is not paid, it is very probable to miss the entrance of Serce. Entrance is like a very narrow channel, but the cove itself large enough for many boats. Serce is a very good shelter for all winds. The prevailing wind is same as all Aegean Sea, during summer, northern winds and also “meltemi” blowing from W and SW.

5- Yassicalar - Gocek

Whether enjoying a Gulet charter, a mega yacht charter or a sailing yacht charter in Turkey; a Gocek yacht charter, when exploring Gocek Bay in Turkey, offers so many different anchorages and things to do and see. From the Twelve Islands, to the ruins of “Cleopatra’s Baths”, a yacht charter in Gocek Bay, (technically Fethiye Gulf, but known to the yachting world as Gocek Bay), out of Gocek, Turkey, is a great yacht charter location to explore when cruising on a luxury yacht charter in Turkey.

6- Sadun Boro’dan yadigar: OKLUK/MARMARIS - MUGLA

Pine trees, calm sea and anchored boats make the unforgettable view. Eyup Özel says, "You can marvel at the Denizkiz statue made in the right of the cove Boro, which is identified with Sadun Boro, the first Turkish sailor who makes a world tour with a boat, and you can take a stroll along Sadun Boro walking path".

7- Turkuvaz Deniz: KABAK KOYO/ FETHIYE - MUGLA

It is the first natural wonder you have to come across from the Ölüdeniz to the South Lycian Way. In the turquoise waters, enjoy the sea, nature on the walkways. It is also possible to lodge in bungalow-style wooden houses and camps with tents.

8-Tarihe yolculuk: GEMILER KOYU/ FETHIYE - MUGLA

Gemile Bay is a structure between Oludeniz and Fethiye that has served as a port for pirates and commercial vessels for thousands of years. The beach is surrounded by pine and olive trees and has an important place among the blue cruise rovers. It can be reached on the island of St.Nicola opposite the bay, you can take short walks between remnants of the castle. You can give the swimming walks in the immaculate waters around the island where the church of St. Nicholas, also called Saint Nicola, is located.

9- Turunc pinari koyu

This cove, very close to Fethiye, is one of the places where the yachts are frequented by the clean dark blue sea where land transportation is not possible. In the immediate vicinity of the sheep there is natural spring water and the bay is knitted with olive trees.

10- Kelebekler vadisi

The Butterfly Valley, one of the few natural beauties of the world, is located in Oludeniz, Fethiye, only accessible from the sea. This special cove, which is on the list of Foundation for the Protection of the Inheritance of Miracles, is one of the places where tiger moths are rarely seen in the world. Short walks in the Butterfly Valley, you can reach the inside circle.




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